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Bible Converter is a sub project of Simple Bible Reader. It is a sample code written in C# to demonstrate how to use Simple Bible Reader entirely embedded into another (or your own) application to enable the ability of format conversions. To compile the included source code, you require Visual C# 2010 Express and Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 which are free and can be downloaded from the links. You are also free to reuse the source code in the below download, except selling. You can also download just the executable Bible Converter, if you aren’t interested in the source code.

Prerequisites: Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 ^


^ Except Windows XP, all modern Windows Operating System comes with .NET 2.0 installed by default. In Windows 8, .NET 2.0 is provided as optional and not enabled by default. Please go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features. Click Turn Windows Feature on or off and then tick the Check box “.NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)” and click OK. This will enable .NET 2.0 in Windows 8.


Supported formats: Same as Simple Bible Reader as of version 2.3


License: No restrictions whatsoever, except selling.


Version: 2.3 (Referring to the embedded Simple Bible Reader version)


Latest Release: 9-Nov-2012

Created 2016-10-08
Changed 2016-10-14
Version 2.3
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