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E.W. Bullinger's "Figures of Speech Used in the Bible Explained and Illustrated."

This module already/also exists as an ebook (.bk) module. The Bible Analyzer ebook version is available to purchase on this page as part of the E. W. Bullinger Collection of 8 volumes.

For those interested in reading Bullinger's Figures of Speech, I recommend the book version. For those interested in using Bullinger's Figures of Speech, I highly recommend this dictionary format. Why?

Let's say you're reading a commentary, and the writer mentions the word "metonymy." You know that Bullinger wrote about it, but how do you find it in Bible Analyzer's book module? Not very easily! But if you set your dictionary to "Bullinger's FigOfSp", then when you click the word "metonymy" in any of the study views (Commentary, Editor, Reference Viewer), the dictionary immediately moves to that definition. Never before as Bullinger's excellent reference work ever been so accessible.

Originally copyrighted in 1898. It is still the definitive work on the subject of Biblical figures of speech. The text for this module comes from a TheWord module built by David Cox.

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