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Septuagint (LXX) and Byzantine Septuagint (LXX) and Byzantine
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The Bible in Greek


This Bible Module contains the Septuagint LXX Greek Old Testament keyed to Strong's Numbers with complete parsing information

Version 1.1 compiled by


This module also contains the Greek New Testament according to the Byzantine Textform, edited by Maurice A.Robinson and William G. Pierpont, 2000 edition


This is the edition by Pierpont and Robinson of a Majority, or Byzantine,text of the NT. It is similar to an earlier production of Hodges and Farstad in being based on von Soden's apparatus, but without their stemmatic reconstruction of the Apocalypse and the Pericope Adulterae.

This text was originally released into the public domain as Freeware, 1985-2000. The updated and corrected version remains basically identical to that original text, and may be utilized by anyone for any purpose without further restriction or permission.


All of the following Greek New Testament files have been keyed in, prepared, and proofed by Maurice A. Robinson, Ph. D., during the period 1984-2000, and have been released into the public domain. Anyone is free to use these files for any purpose, although source attribution to the preparer is requested for the purpose of fixing responsibility for the text as it appears and for any errors which may still exist. All Greek texts are unaccented and unaspirated, and also lack punctuation and capitalization.



Module compiled by Douglas Hamp for The Word software and converted to Bible Analyzer by Darrel Wright.

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